Wellcome to the two!

Wellcome to the two...!
This Blog was build because the owner fells apprehensive about the mother earth condition. Many disaster was did because human did. Global warming, tsunami, flood, and many more. This blog will be share to you about the mind owner and many news for give you ore information how do reduce the impact of human did like global warming. I hope, I can give you much information. So, enjoy it!

Forest Ecosystem Turf Threatened Last

PALEMBANG - Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (WALHI) South Sumatra (South Sumatra) urgent rescue forest swamp peat moss in the last region, which has now managed as industrial forest plantation (HTI) by a private company.

Executive Director of WALHI South Sumatra, Anwar Sadat, in Jakarta, Monday, that the concession by the management of HTI PT Rimba Mas Hutani (RHM) - a business group owned by Sinar Mas Group - based on a business license from the Ministry of Forestry Decree according Menhut No. 90/Menhut-II/2007 about the IUPHHK the RHM of 67,100 hectares.

Concession area is located in three blocks, namely blocks 1 in Production Forest Meranti, block 2 in the Forest Production Lalan (Merang Forest Group), and block 3, also located in the Forest Group Merang, in Kabupaten Musi Banyuasin (Muba), South Sumatra.

"We are concerned for the business license issued PT RHM in the region, would be the extremes of the ecological sustainability and stability in the region," said Sadat again.

Moreover, during the operating year since 2008, RHM WALHI Sumsel votes tend to exploit the wealth of natural forest in South Sumatra area, the forest at this time that there has been and continues to experience shrinkage.

"Based on our search business that PT RHM, particularly in the HP Group or Lalan Forest Merang that are on the natural forest area is still very good condition," he said again.

There are many types of vegetation vegetation (trees) that are in this area, other than there are species (fauna) that live in and around forest area, which most of the fauna is protected by law.

Is also, permission of PT RHM also swamp turf areas that have a very in thickness, which ranged from 1 to 6 meters (survey, Wetlands International and SSFFMP).

"The turf in this area is the only natural turf terluas and remaining in this province," said Sadat again.

The company, according to him, now known also propose expanding the business to Menhut of 20 thousand hectares, and has been approved by the Forestry Department (District and Muba Sumsel), the Regent and the Governor of South Sumatra Muba.

From : republika.com

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Developing Countries Need Billions of Dollars for climate solutions

JAKARTA - State-developing countries need at least 150 billion U.S. dollars per year to overcome the impact of climate change and to pursue target-based low-carbon development.

Based on press releases from the NGO Oxfam International that was received in Jakarta on Thursday, it must be the country forward in the history of the global increase in emissions under any obligation to fund adaptation efforts in developing countries.

Therefore, meeting political leaders of the world in Copenhagen in December 2009 must be achieved future kepakatan that the highest peak of the global carbon emissions must be stopped before 2015.

In addition, the developed countries before 2020 must show commitment to reduce their carbon emissions until at least 40 percent of 1990 emissions levels.

Whereas before 2050, all countries must also act to reduce global carbon emissions at least 80 percent below the 1990 emissions level.

Previously, the State Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar to reporters on Friday (10 / 7) points out, the initiative for funding efforts for climate change was increasing following a growing awareness of the importance of the issue of climate change in the High Level Conference (KTT) G8 in L `Aquila, Italian.

"There are several initiatives for funding for climate change efforts, such as` green `fund the proposed Mexico and various other proposals to create a market for carbon emissions, in addition to increased funding from donor agencies and the budget of each country," said Rachmat Witoelar.

In addition, in the G8 forum also agreed that developing countries can still grow and gain access to funds and technologies for both mitigation of emissions and adaptation to climate change.

At the meeting, U.S. President Barack Obama to chair the discussion session concluded the importance of climate change are issues of funding and technology to developing countries and specific initiatives with the private sector fund such as green and efficient carbon market.

from : kompas.com

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200 ha protected Forest was Burned

BANDA ACEH - Around 200 hectares of protected forest in the Ulu Masen village (village) Beungga, Tangse District, Pidie District, Aceh Province, was reportedly burnt. Terbakarnya protected forest that is suspected as a discard cigarette butt carelessly or destructor

It was delivered Amiruddin (30), residents contacted the village Beungga via mobile phone from Banda Aceh on Saturday (18 / 7). "Not yet seen the fire in the incident location, so the fire quickly spreading in the area,"

"Location is far from the settlement of so difficult to reach the target," he said.
Until Saturday afternoon extinguishing efforts undertaken Forest Police (Polhut) and the local community, however not yet visible signs "of the red cock" that devour forests, extinct.

Fire that is suspected as a result of negligence when the destructor of the forest. Accidentally fires spreading quickly, so menghaguskan approximately 200 hectares of protected forest is.

Until this time, unknown number of losses and a source of fire that burn the area to ditumbuhi many tree species are pine and mahogany.

Fire that does not disrupt the activities of the community who is also opening the land around the forest. But if not treated immediately akan feared damage to the environment.

Meanwhile, the Head of Forestry and Plantation (Dishutbun) Kabupaten Pidie, Amin Muhammad Affan who contacted separately, said a fire that occurred in the seven-point has been treated. "The fire has been successfully be quenched since the day before," he said "

Now, according to him to stay two points again, and officers are working in the field. "We hope the fire was not extensive and the fire can be quenched," he said.

Fire is not intentional, but due to carelessness. Could be due to carelessly discard cigarette butt without considering that the dry season are now in Aceh.

from : republika.com

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"Biochar" Fertile Land and Carbon Absorption

We know, to reduce of carbon impact that the carbon can be crash out of our ecology, can be faster of global warming, and make our mother earth have a much disaster in time, so, I crop this post for inform you about invention of reduce of global warming impact.

The formation of charcoal or biochar with the biological potential of millions of tons each year for scientific as well as able to reclaim valuable land to absorb carbon. However, the potential is still not used the abundant raw materials, such as straw and rice husk, coconut shell, nut oil palm waste, industrial waste and wood.

"There is no need mechanisms that are difficult to participate in reducing carbon emissions. Potential of biochar very abundant, but its implementation until now are very limited, "said researcher ekofisiologi Balai Besar Penelitian Tanaman Padi Sukamandi, Anischan Gani, in a seminar at the Center for Research and Development of Food Crops, Bogor, on Thursday (18 / 6).

Gani said, especially the use of biochar to improve agriculture. Other benefit is you can save the stable carbon for thousands of years with how to dibenamkan in the land.

Pembicara other researchers at the Central Research nuts and tubers (Balitkabi) Yudi Widodo. Yudi paper on the role of the bulb to anticipate food and energy to confront global warming.

According to Gani, biochar is a biological from a charcoal burning is not perfect so that the elements behind the burly fertile land. If the combustion takes place perfect, biochar changed to remove the ash and carbon. "Unlike the organic fertilizer in the decomposition of the form akan release emissions metana a 21-fold excess amount of carbon dioxide in causing global warming," he said.

Yudi propose, as a bulb plant of carbohydrate can be developed with the system wanatani. Development bulb can be done under the auspices of the trees in the forest at once can save forests and meet the needs of food and energy.

From : kompas.com

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How About Bonsai?

In home, Bontang, In TV Channel, I saw in NHK World from Japan. In that channel, the people from american want to know, how bonsai can do? The plant have a small size, and take in a pot. I interesting to that. To know more about bonsai. If we can make bonsai a tree what can reduce of CO2 impact, sure this technology can more help to make fresh our air. We can breath easily, and the bonsai make our room and house beautiful. And, this post, I want to inform you more about bonsai of The Japanese Maple from bonsaisite.com,

Overview : The Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) is the most widely grown maple in gardens and is a perfect subject for bonsai. It is valued for its compact size, delicate ferny foliage and brilliant fall (autumn) colouring - from rich gold to deepest blood-red. The more than 300 cultivars range from rock garden miniatures to vigorous small trees, with a variety of leaf shape, size and colour.

General Care : Requires semi-shade in summer, full sun the rest of the year, and protection from wind.

Pinch out 'ambitious' or unwanted shoots in spring - with main pruning to be conducted at this type of year. When new shoots have developed to around three to five nodes - prune them - but make sure to leave at least 1cm (1/2in) extra to allow for die back. This is something important to do when pruning all types of Japanese maples. Trim leaves in late spring.

Repot and fertilise in late winter to early spring.

Water as frequently as needed - do not allow bonsai to dry out as this can also cause leaf burn.

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A new Invention, a Tree build from Manchine

Scientists have designed a synthetic tree that can capture carbon dioxide from the air in an attempt to combat the increase of carbon emissions. "Tree" is shaped more like a small building of the tree, but carbon can absorb 1000 times faster than native trees.

One tree can absorb one synthetic tons of carbon dioxide per day, equivalent to the average amount spent 20 cars. Once stored in a closet, will be carbon dipadatkan and stored in liquid form and then explained.

Professor Klaus Lackner from the University of Colombia has been working on this concept since 1998. He later met with the official United States Department of Energy, Steven Chu, to discuss the development of this project. Through the company bermarkas in Tucson, Global Research Technologies, Lackner has made initial model and look forward to the perfect prototype in 3 years.

As described Lackner, technology used synthetic tree is similar to that usually used to absorb carbon dioxide from the chimney smoke in the coal mining. The difference, this tool can be used anywhere. According to Lackner, half of the total carbon emissions come from sources that are relatively small-sized, including cars and aircraft, and is usually not possible to almost absorbed. However, because the carbon dioxide in the air is usually very concentrated, the tool needed to menyerapnya can also be small.

Lackner hope is to create a synthetic tree that is efficient for its size. Compared with the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that can be avoided with the use of large windmill, a synthetic tree with the size of the same carbon dioxide can absorb hundreds of times more.

To create a synthetic tree needed funds to 30,000 U.S. dollars, largely due to the use of technology to remove carbon dioxide from the gas penghisap. In addition, because the energy needed to operate, the instrument itself also produces carbon dioxide, if connected with power source. According to calculations Lackner, for every 1,000 kg of carbon dioxide is absorbed, "tree" will produce 200 kg of carbon dioxide so that the total actually absorbed is 800 kg.

From : Kompas.com

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I Got an Allergy Tonigth

Yesterday, in afternoon, I have a headache, then I take the medicine recommended by my mother, in fact, within a few minutes after that, I have a bad experience.
what is that? correct, I get a allergy a very harrowing because my body rejected the reaction of the medicine that I drink, what effect?
Both my eyes are immediately became swollen, and continues to expand, is really very painful. Until finally I went to the hospital. To find out what the override and get my drugs from a doctor.

Doctor said, "It looks like you are allergic to any medicine, be better, I give anti-allergy drugs, drinking and drugs in accordance with the suggestion that doctors are."
Finally I get medication and go home. Drinking and drugs eventually I began to improve the situation. Maybe not recover total. But this is a bad experience.
For the next article, I will provide information in addition to global warming. Hopefully the readers do not feel disappointed.

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Acid sea, Ear Large increases?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) that cause the sea turns sour cause ear fish grow big in size. Ear is not visible because the fish is in the body.

As in humans, fish ear also manage the movement. Oseanografi biologist, David M Checkley from The Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, to experiment, rearing fish in the bass with the actual CO2 level six times normal. In fact otolit (ear bones) of fish to grow 15-17 percent larger than normal size.

Ago conducted an experiment on sea water with CO2 contents of 3.5 times normal fetus-fetus estimated CO2 in the year 2100-belly fish otolit was 7-9 percent. Further research is to know what the impact of long-term conditions in the fish.

From : Kompas.com

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Which Reality Is Real?

Your task is to make wholeness more real in your life. As long as you remain on the level where change is dominant, there is no possibility of truly becoming new.

Duality maintains its operating system from moment to moment, and as long as you are plugged into it, that system seems real, workable, reliable, and self-validating.

The other operating system, the one based on wholeness, works far better than the system you are used to. Wholeness is also real, workable, reliable, and self-validating.

Wholeness is safe; duality isn’t. Protection from external threats is permanent when there are no externals but only yourself unfolding in two worlds, inner and outer, that completely mesh.

A skeptic will protest that this new operating system is only a matter of perception, and that just seeing yourself as the creator of your reality doesn’t mean you are. But it does. Reality shifts as you do, and when you change your perception of being separate, the one reality responds by shifting with you.

The reason everyone doesn’t notice this is that the ego-based world with all its demands, pressures, drama, and excesses is highly addictive, and like any addiction it needs a daily fix as well as denial that there is any way out.

By giving your allegiance to the one reality instead, you won’t end the addiction immediately, but you will begin to starve it. Your ego and personality, which give you limited awareness of who you are, will be put on notice that clinging and grasping must come to an end.

Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2004).

from : care2.com

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Help Your Cat Overcome Hairballs

Cat lovers know the sound–that hacking, coughing, retching noise that means Fluffy is about to heave up a hairball. For many kitty caretakers, this purging ritual is simply a necessary evil of having cats. But it needn’t be. With a few simple changes to your cat’s diet and lifestyle, you can minimize or even prevent Fluffy’s hairballs.

Hairballs develop when cats lick themselves as part of their grooming ritual. According to Carol Osborne, DVM, with the American Pet Institute in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and author of Dr. Carol’s Naturally Healthy Cats (Marshall Editors, 2006), most of the hair passes through the cat’s digestive tract and ends up as part of its litter box offerings. But some of that hair can also mix with mucus, causing a gooey ball too big to exit a cat’s body through the back door. Either Fluffy coughs it up, or–in the worst-case scenario–the hairball continues to grow and eventually obstructs his intestines.

Conventional hairball remedies contain petroleum jelly, which lubes up the whole hairy mess and helps it pass through a cat’s digestive system. But Osborne says petroleum-based products can keep a cat from absorbing vital nutrients, particularly the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Natural pet care experts prefer the following ways to prevent hairballs:

* Brush your cat every day with a wire bristle brush to remove excess hair.

* Feed your cat a balanced diet. Osborne prefers a raw diet of meat products mixed with veggies and fresh greens for fiber; you can find some recipes at holisticat.com. If you do buy prepared cat food, Osborne suggests looking for one with natural or organic meat.According to a 2003 study conducted by scientists from the University of Wisconsin and NestlĂ© Purina, hairballs consist of 15 to 30 percent fat, and lecithin can effectively break up that fat–and the hairball. However, Sandy Arora, founder of holisticat.com and coauthor of Whole Health for Happy Cats (Quarry Books, 2006), says most lecithin is made from soy, which can cause thyroid problems in cats. She gives her Persians lecithin from egg yolks.

* Increase fiber and help move the hair down and out by mixing a teaspoon of pumpkin, pureed prunes, or baby food vegetables into his food. If Fluffy turns up his nose at these offerings, Osborne advises soaking them in juice from tuna packed in water.

* For a homemade fiber booster, Osborne recommends adding a teaspoon per meal of a gel made from 1/4 cup of psyllium husks mixed with 3/4 cup of hot water. Or try a teaspoon of slippery elm mixed with 1/2 cup of cold water (simmer until it thickens).

* Try the homeopathic digestive remedy nux vomica. Osborne recommends one pellet every four hours for up to five days.

* And don’t forget regular visits to your vet. “A healthy cat on a good, balanced, natural diet should really only have an issue with hairballs a few times a year at most,” Osborne says.

from : care2.com

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Six Indictments Against Bottled Water

For years, advocacy groups have been raising concerns about bottled water: Not only do bottles end up littering the landscape, and not only are those plastic bottles derived from fossil fuels, but they also may leach chemicals into water and the quality of the water is not stringently monitored.

But many Americans have a healthy distrust of advocacy groups. If you're one of them, then consider this. The Government Accountability Office, the well-respected and nonpartisan research organization that serves Congress, has concluded a yearlong investigation, and come up with basically the same conclusions.

Here's a summary:

Water quality

Surveys have shown that perceived health benefits are behind the staggering increase in the consumption of bottled water -- from 13.4 gallons per person in 1997 to 29.3 gallons per person in 2007.

While on paper, the Food and Drug Administration limits on contaminants in bottled water mirror the Environmental Protection Agency's strict limits on contaminants in tap water supplied by community water systems, that doesn't mean bottled water is as closely watched or as safe as tap water. Here's why:


Unlike the EPA, which has set limits on phthalates in water, the FDA has stalled for more than 15 years in publishing a limit on the phthalate DEHP in bottled water. DEHP is an ingredient in plastic, and (the GAO report does not detail the chemical's potential health effects as we do here) laboratory studies have linked some phthalates to problems with male fertility -- including decreased sperm counts and penis and testes sizes -- with obesity, and with other health problems related to hormonal imbalances. Several phthalates have been banned in children's products for this same reason: They inhibit the normal function of testosterone, the male hormone.

While the EPA requires drinking water suppliers to use certified labs to test their water, the FDA does not have this authority. Further, test results don't have to be reported to the FDA -- even if the test results show violations of drinking water quality standards. Even those states that have rules that exceed FDA requirements typically don't match EPA requirements.

While the EPA requires public drinking water systems to annually publish the results of water quality testing, along with information about the drinking water source and known threats, the FDA does not require this of bottled water companies. The GAO reports: "In 2000, the FDA concluded that it was feasible for the bottled water industry to provide the same types of information to consumers that public water systems must provide. However, the agency was not required to conduct a rule-making requiring that manufacturers provide such information to consumers, and has yet to do so."

"High risk" regulation
The GAO has repeatedly warned that the FDA is not up to the task -- lacking staff, funding, and regulatory authority (while seeing staffing drop 19%, the facilities it was charged with inspecting increased 28% between about 2001 and 2007) -- to adequately police the nation's food supply. In January 2007, the GAO noted that the nation's food safety is a "high risk" area, in great part because it is policed by 15 separate agencies. Drinking water is only one more example.

Environmental impact


While recycling of carbonated beverages, like soda and beer, is encouraged in many states with deposit laws, these bottle bills are much less common for bottled water. As a result, about 75% of plastic water bottles are thrown in the trash, rather than recycled.

"Regarding the impact on U.S. energy demands, a recent peer-reviewed article noted that while the production and consumption of bottled water comprises a small share of total U.S. energy demand, it is much more energy-intensive than the production of public drinking water."

There are reasons to keep bottled water around: It's handy in case of an emergency, for instance. In most everyday cases, however, it's better for you and the environment to use a reusable water bottle and tap water (filtered if you think it improves the taste).

Many of the issues with bottled water that the GAO identified can be solved with changes in regulation: Water quality could be assured if it matches EPA standards; labeling could provide full disclosure of source and testing contaminants detected; the nation's food safety regulatory structure could be totally overhauled; and recycling rates could be improved with new bottled deposit laws.

However, bottled water will remain an item that lacks commonsense as long as U.S. tap water remains among the safest and most rigorously tested in the world.

The Daily Green previously summarized the problems with the bottled water industry like this:
The seven sins of bottled water


Plastic bottles are made from petroleum.

The bottles often go into the trash, rather than the recycle bin (in part because many states don't offer five-cent deposits to encourage recycling, as they do on soda and beer cans and bottles).

The water is pumped far from where it is sold, creating needless pollution as trucks and barges transport it across the country or around the world.

Some local communities have objected to the sale of their water, arguing that the water underground or flowing from natural springs is publicly owned and should not be exploited for profit.

Bottled water is rarely as closely monitored as tap water.

Tap water in the United States, when provided by a municipal system, is the most highly monitored and safe supply in the world.

Some of the water sold in little plastic bottles is tap water, but it costs an awful lot more per gallon.

From : yahoo!

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Cheap, Health, And Interesting by Bicycle

July 14th, in the afternoon, precisely at 5 P.M in my time, I just to out side from my home. To see how the scenery. But, not in walking, I rode a bicycle. That is the topic in this post.
In, gogreen activity, we had recomended for useless a transportation that use gasoline and etc. Why? Because can be impact bad for mother earth. But, not many solution can be do. Many activis just speak, or they have a solution, but too expensive, and must have help from some investor. that was a problem right?
But, in simplicity, we can have a new habit for reaction about global warming that happend. This tips, after I hang out by bicycle. Yups, that tips was road a bicycle. Thats simple? oh, sure, but you must adapt for this. Just for healthy, you now, after work, you can hang out by bicycle, with your friends, family, or alone? I hope with tou ride by bicycle, you can have a new experience.
To know how much one bicycle, you can go to shop that sell bicycle, or you can search in search engine, like google and yahoo. This activity can make you health, less impact for global warming, and, cheap for relax after your schedule than you go to relax place with a motor transportation. So, you must try this.

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Oh.. Turn of Your light

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Minimize the use of light

-Lamp, close connection with electricity. And close to the needs of home. If more use energy of electricity, we can pay much for them. Many people not aware about lose of the electricity energy. Indeed many people arguments were same. Like "we pay them". If all of people in thier mind was that, we will have a disaster. Maybe not directly. But we all now, global warming and climate change too fast in an area. Now, we must do anything for slow down them.
-Maybe this tips can help more. An if this can be done, we can get a new habit. Certainly for save our mother earth. Whats that tips? Sure I discuss about the use of electricity. First, use for lamp. Many people too unstinted, they use in all room in same time, or more than should. If, we can use of less the lamp in 7 P.M. to the 9 P.M. Second, in the sleep time, we can turn off the lamp until morning. Why? because we can minimize the use of light.
-This tips if you do every day, can get a new of habit that the habit can make you more saving of your wallet to pay of them. Not hard yeah? But, for our mother earth to long life. More help, more help.

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Being Green For Baby

There is nothing new parents want more than to do the best for their baby. Eco-conscience industries have been working on safe, all-natural infant products.

Burt’s Bees – These all natural products have been around since before being green was popular. Products include soaps, diaper rash cream, and lotions.

Desitin recently came out with a natural version of its diaper cream. It works about the same as the non-natural cream.

There is some debate over disposable diapers vs. cloth diapers. While they do have to be washed and will need to be changed more frequently to avoid skin irritation I still thing the pros drastically outweigh the cons. Disposable diapers just take up too much space in our landfills for too long. If possible try to find organic cotton diapers.

When shopping for baby clothes you should focus on getting all-natural fibers like organic cotton. Some sites that specialize in “green” baby clothes:

Kee-Ka - inexpensive clothes for baby, toddlers, and pets

Organic Baby Warehouse – A wide variety of organic products for baby

Pure and Little – A little pricey but the products are well worth the price. Also has a large variety.

from : gogreentipsformoms.com

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Nature Vacations

This post I crop from The Daily Green News Blog for reference of vacation for you. This place located in US. If you stay home in US, maybe you can visit there. So, this information for you,
Paddling the Florida Everglades
Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States a vast and slow-moving river channeled through tufts of dry land. It's teeming with wildlife, from the abundant and ferocious (alligators and crocodiles) to the scarce and ferocious (the panther) and every creature on down the food chain. Paddling a canoe through the Everglades is a rare experience.
But, the Everglades face a Goldilocks-type question: Will there be too little water, too much ... or just the right amount? Too little and the Everglades dry up. Too much and it gets swallowed by the sea. Either way, it won’t offer the same wilderness canoe experience it does today.
For more than a century, too little water has been the problem, as agriculture and suburban sprawl have eaten into the swamp, draining and diverting the natural water flow. With the water has gone 90% of some populations of wading birds.
Water levels are rising, thanks to a 35-year preservation plan. Ironically, though, global warming is expected to cause sea-levels to rise and potentially cover the low-lying land. The Everglades could be swallowed by the sea. Bottom line: Better not put off that once-in-a-lifetime trip to this one-of-a-kind destination.
Salmon fishing on the Snake River
From its origins in Yellowstone National Park, the 1,040-mile Snake River once produced half the wild Chinook salmon found in the mighty Columbia River. In fact, the upper Snake River has the most extensive freshwater salmon habitat in the lower 48 states.
The four dams on the lower Snake River, however, have so choked the once-prolific salmon runs that the group American Rivers named it one of the most endangered rivers in America. This spring, a federal judge said federal officials had to at least consider breaching dams to save salmon.
If the dams aren't breached, or another solution found, some experts worry that the remaining salmon runs will go extinct, as several have already. The threat of global warming, which makes water warmer and less hospitable to salmon, and many other sensitive freshwater species, only adds urgency to the issue. It could be that a generation from now, 2 million Steelhead and Chinook salmon will spawn in the Snake River, as they once did -- but it's probably a good idea to do your fishing now, just in case.
--I hope this post will be help you to be choose the

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Rest In Peace My Friends

Participated in sorrow
On behalf of Nandar yufli
neighbors, friends from school, and a strong one.
against cancer in the brain to shut one's eyes on 15 July 2009 12 days early.
plan will be buried in malang. Not buried in Bontang.
and plans with friends will pray together at home in Anoa street.
hopefully his worship of charity received the god of infinite one. Amien,,

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New Modification Of Transportation

Bioplastics, an emerging technology that uses plant resins to make biodegradable and compostable plastic from renewable resources, is a field that is constantly evolving with new materials and technology.
-This technology actually creates plastic resins by fermenting the starches and sugars in corn, sugarcane and other plants into lactic acid. The lactic acid is converted into a plastic substance, which is heated and shaped before being used in product manufacture.
-The production of bioplastics results in the emission of far less carbon dioxide than traditional plastics, and is being used for everything from gift cards, deli containers and picnic ware to mobile phone cases and auto parts. Auto parts?
-In 2003, Toyota Motor Corporation became the first automaker in the world to use bioplastics in the manufacture of auto parts, employing them in covers for the spare tire and for plastic trays inside the passenger compartment. These days Toyota is in development with an ultra light, super efficient plug-in hybrid with a bioplastic body made of seaweed that could be in the showroom in the 10 to 15 years.
-Toyota employs a broad based approach in the pursuit of the ultimate eco-car and leads the field in developing more efficient petrol engines, cleaner diesels, hybrid systems and fuel cells. Alternative fuel engines certainly reduce our dependence on petroleum however the manufacture of the automobile is not green in any sense of the word.
-That may well change once Toyota’s latest idea becomes a reality. What the car giant is suggesting is a revolutionary adjustment to the material that cars are made from; the company is proposing replacing metal with kelp-based bioplastic. That’s seaweed.
-Notwithstanding the inevitable ‘sushi-car’ analogy, Toyota’s kelp car concept is built on the already ‘hypergreen’ 1/X plug-in hybrid that made its North American debut at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show. The 1/X (‘one-xth.’) features a super-light body (926 pounds) and a tiny engine that mixes 500cc gasoline power with lithium-ion batteries for electric power.
-As Toyota project manager Tetsuya Kaida notes, the existing 1/X uses “lightweight carbon-fiber reinforced plastic throughout the body and frame for its superior collision safety. But that material still uses oil-derived plastic. I want to create such a vehicle from seaweed because Japan is surrounded by the sea.”
-Toyota’s kelp car is not as outlandish as it might seem. Grocery stores have been selling products packaged in plant-based plastic since January 2004. In November 2005, Wal-Mart began the switch to corn plastic packaging for 114 million clear-plastic clamshell containers used annually by the retailer for cut fruit, herbs, strawberries and Brussels sprouts.
-According to USA Today, demand for bioplastic is expected to reach 50 billion pounds annually within five years¹. That’s ten percent of the global market. The 1/X, on which the kelp car is based, is so named because its carbon footprint is a fraction of that of other cars.
-“The 1/X concept is a vehicle that completely redefines what it means to be environmentally considerate,” David Buttner, senior executive director of sales and marketing, said in a statement. “The name says it all: a car that weighs a fraction of the others in its class today and uses a fraction of the fuel.” Buttner predicted, “In reality, the seaweed car is another decade away, however, it shows where we’re going…. Our thinking is that post-2020, cars like the 1/X will be made of plant-based plastic.”
from : Yahoo.com

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the extinction of animals around us

-When I realized that what happened a few years this has changed. Ranging from increased my age, and changes in the environment. All changes to the direction of modernity. Nothing can prevent.
-As at this time, all that is around us has changed drastically, first, in my home, in BONTANG, east Kalimantan, Indonesia, is still a lot of monkeys that can be seen. Still a lot of rare birds that fly. But now, see the cat is just difficult. Very ironic indeed.
-so now we have to be more self improve. About what we have done to the environment. This must also be supported by various parties. To prevent animal extinction does not happen around us. And ecosystems can remain on guard.

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Cars have vigorous Brown?

-This news maybe was expired, hehehe, but I inform you, maybe can be motivasion for keep try to new invention.
-In London, In Warwick University shown ars have vigorous Brown that build Dr Kerry Kirwan, Dr Steve Maggs, dan Dr James Meredith.
-Cars equipped with a chocolate introduced for the first time on Tuesday (5 / 5). Do not think that chocolate is used because the price was high. They use the waste from the chocolate factory, which is mixed with discarded vegetable oil as biofuel.

-The fuel is not only environmentally friendly, the car is also made from plant fiber that is not toxic. For example, a tire made of fiber and carrot root, where hemp chair of a mixture of soybean oil and yeast. Its body is of fiber plants.
-Speed not lose the car in general. In the test at this time drive new 96-kilometer perhours but when tested in the try line race is expected to penetrate perhours speed of 232 kilometers. Cars that are named "WorldFirst Formula 3 racing" car that will be used in the European Grand Prix races and Britain's Goodwood Festival of Speed.
from : kompas.com

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My Mind For My Country

-discovery of new, hopefully it is immediately found. How to save energy even change energy into a more environmentally friendly.
-In my country, Indonesia, the source of household energy, particularly electrical energy comes from oil. Form of diesel power plants that use fuel oil, diesel fuel, as a source of energy. In fact, oil may cause global warming, seberti on motor vehicles. And the government has not been able to replace the power with the new. With a more friendly environment.
-The problem is not quite up there. Because for developing countries, to change the duration of power into a new fund that big. And also various other problems. So with the help of Technology and funds from developed countries, Indonesia is expected to soon be able to compose the electricity can be more friendly to the environment.
-In my mind, just in case of power with solar energy have been developed in Japan, can continue to explore eating, just need a small plate to catch the sun and change an adequate source of energy for one house. Hopefully it can only be a new invention, so remain optimistic on the progress of Technology.

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Possible signs of Calamity That is Visible?

-Climate change is going to make these countries in the world including Indonesia is very vulnerable to disasters, Famine, disease and poverty. This news I was read in a kompas newspaper, they was wrote that the Indonesia is a country most vulnerable to disasters associated with climate change such as global warming.
-The possibility that global warming will cause droughts and extreme rainfall, which in turn will cause a climate disaster risk is greater in the different parts of the world.
-global warming with a marked increase in average temperature of the surface of the earth.
-This is as a result of greenhouse gases, namely terperangkapnya radiation emanated sun should return to outer space, but restrained by the accumulation layer at the Glass House Gas atmosphere.
-Various active measures to prevent the occurrence of climate change and reduce the impact of global warming can be done with the decrease in emissions GRK.
-It also has conducted various policies such as in the field of forestry for the illegal logging, forest and land rehabilitation, and conservation, restructuring the forestry sector, empowerment of communities around the forest, and prevention of forest fires and so forth.
-So, how we get save the mother earth? I hope all of people in the world be aware about this. And many People try find answer about this.

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One of new things that make your life easier

--this post was grab from yahoo green. And I just grab one of example things of the topic. So in this post, the title was changed too, so I hope can be inform you much, enjoy this.
The FridgeCam
How cool would it be to have the ability to see what's inside your refrigerator without having to open the door? The FridgeCam would allow you to do just that, whether you're standing in front of it, sitting at your desk, or walking through the grocery store. A picture is automatically taken when light is sensed. The image is then stored and you can see it on an LCD screen just outside your fridge or view it remotely from your computer, phone, or personal digital assistant.
Not only would this be incredibly convenient, it would also save you money on your energy bills. A lot of cold air escapes every time you open your refrigerator door so your compressor has to work hard to cool it down again. Think about how many times a day you peek inside without actually taking something out or placing something inside, like when you're making a shopping list or trying to figure out what you have on hand for dinner. This product is still in development.

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Change the sea water

--If you done watch The WaterWorld, you possible remind how the tasteless water change to things have considerable value or cost. The same case take in the AS which lack for tasteless of water. In the California, now build a project to change the sea water to the tasteless water.
--This Proyek names was Poisedon Resources. And will takes more of sea water then process to be tasteless water for consumable. In August 2008, this project was got a permission for operation and In approximation to product in 2011.
--The full of articles, you can see in the kapanlagi.com, because of the permission.

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