Wellcome to the two!

Wellcome to the two...!
This Blog was build because the owner fells apprehensive about the mother earth condition. Many disaster was did because human did. Global warming, tsunami, flood, and many more. This blog will be share to you about the mind owner and many news for give you ore information how do reduce the impact of human did like global warming. I hope, I can give you much information. So, enjoy it!

Consevation from PT Hijau Lestari

I happy in this morning, this news was late I read, but, I still smile for moment. In that case conservation generally did from some people, but in this news, factory make conservation for more than plant of 3 million Ha. I was read in kompas.com, and this a short news from kompas.com, you can go to kompas.com to be had complete of news,

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.com-PT Usaha Bakti Nusantara Hijau Lestari planting (BUMN HL) target of one million hectares of green area outside the forest area in West Java Province. The mechanism of green land will be dikerjasamakan with all parties, including local government and farmer groups.

President Director PT BUMNs HL, Zufli Ramlan Pohan, Saturday (15 / 8), after signing of the establishment of teaching license in PT owned HL Kantor Perum Perhutani Unit III, Bandung, said the company's core business will focus on the management of land, with the green concept of nature conservation.

HL is a PT owned subsidiary of state-owned enterprise in the field of agro-industry consortium in the dimodali by PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) VIII, Perum Perhutani, PT Pupuk Kujang, PT Sang Hyang Seri, and Perum Jasa Tirta II. Joint venture is engaged in agribusiness and agro-based environmental conservation.

Present in the signing of the five main directors of the respective state-owned financier, the Bagas Angkasa (PTPN VIII), Upik Rosalina Wasrin (Perum Perhutani), AAS Asikin Idat (PT Pupuk Kujang), Edy Budiono (PT Sang Hyang Seri) and Djendam Gurusinga ( Perum Jasa Tirta II). Also present Deputy Meneg state-owned agro-industry field and Printing, Agus Pakpakan.

Overall, the state-owned PT HL target of green land around three million hectares across the island of Java that is planned in stages, up to five years. According Pohan, akan dititikberatkan land management in five areas namely, water, food in this case-tepungan flour, livestock feed, biofuel energy, and environment.

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Asian Need more Water for Farming

In worldwatch.org said, Asian countries urgently need to boost farmland productivity and use water more efficiently or the continent may not have enough water to support the agricultural needs of its growing populations, an Asian Development Bank-supported study found.

Dwindling groundwater supplies are already threatening drinking water and crop production across Asia. Undeveloped arable land, meanwhile, is in short supply. As a result, Asian countries will have to import more food or improve irrigation methods, About 5 billion people are projected to live in Asia by 2050. With demand for meat products on the rise, experts estimate that the region must double its supplies of food and animal feed crops during the next 50 years to feed an additional 1.5 billion people.

If population projections are borne out, food demands by 2050 would require South Asia to irrigate 30 percent more harvested land. These new farms would demand 57 percent more water unless water efficiency improves. In East Asia, farmers would need to increase the amount of irrigated farmland by 47 percent, at the cost of a 70-percent increase in water use, the study said.

The study did not factor in the effects of climate change, even though irrigation demands in arid and semi-arid parts of Asia are expected to rise as global temperatures increase. Scientists forecast that climate change will cause reduced flow in many Asian rivers as the Himalayan glaciers recede. Noting the absence of climate modeling in their projections, the report authors said "the study's pessimistic assumptions may prove overly optimistic."
The researchers emphasize, however, that efforts to modernize Asian irrigation schemes would help adapt to a warmer climate and feed a growing population. In Asia, particularly in South Asia, the area of land irrigated by large-scale surface irrigation has declined since the early 1990s due largely to poorly maintained infrastructure, the report said.

Millions of small farmers throughout Asia, frustrated with poor irrigation options, have decided not to rely on the centralized government-run irrigation systems that once expanded agriculture across the continent. Instead, more farmers now own small wells and pump water whenever they choose from often shallow aquifers.

The Indian government estimates that 60 percent of the nation's farmers are using their own low-cost irrigation pumps despite the government's heavy investment in expanding surface irrigation. The rise in individual irrigation efforts may further deplete water resources, the study authors warned.

"Governments' inability to regulate this practice is giving rise to scary scenarios of groundwater over-exploitation, which could lead to regional food crises and widespread social unrest," said report co-author Tushaar Shah, an IWMI senior fellow. "Rather than condemn such a widespread practice, governments should actively support innovative initiatives."

Some solutions include public-private partnerships that improve irrigation infrastructure, the use of groundwater aquifers for storing water, and more efficient use of rainwater on farmland.

Some 280 million more hectares of land were equipped for irrigation worldwide between 2004 and 2005, the last year of available global data. The advance is one of the slowest in the past decade due to declining investment in surface irrigation infrastructure, according to a Worldwatch Institute Vital Signs update.

International funds for climate change adaptation could be tapped to improve irrigation methods. Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, estimated on Friday that adapting to the various effects of climate change would cost the world $100 billion each year.

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featured: This Week in Pictures slideshow: World's Best Subway Maps planet green: Dive Into Blue August! Seed to Plate: Online Garden Planner Makes it Easy

Then, this article was from treehugger.com, if you know the complete article, you can visit that site. Nad more about go green in there, so this one of the article I crop, for your information, thank you for your visit.

With the Obamas gardening at the White House, vegetable gardening seems to have hit the mainstream. But many folks are still intimidated by the whole process - what do I plant, when, how many and how do I care for them? It can all be a bit much for a newbie. (See my own experiences of gardening failures over at Planet Green!) We've already seen one UK company spring up to make life a little easier - Rocket Gardens provide 'instant gardens' by shipping vegetable starts by mail - but as we noted at the time, that's not without its own environmental footprint. A new UK-based service helps those who want to start from seed.

Seed to Plate has created an online plot planner that asks you about what you like to eat, how much space you have, and how much time - and then creates a personalized set of seeds, planting plans and grow guides - even a map for laying out your plot - and ships it all to your door. Pretty darned neat if you ask me - I wish I'd have had a service like this when I started out.

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Again for Reduce and Recycle

wanted to uptodate news for go green, and I tried to found website who explain about that. I found in worldwatch.org and I want to inform you for reduce and recycle again, may be you bored, but I hope, the concern about this problem more and more. So, check this out from news.
Washington, D.C.-The United States throws away a staggering amount of energy that could be cheaply and easily captured and used, according to the latest issue of World Watch magazine.

Waste-energy recycling-which captures smokestack waste and other wasted energy and puts it to work-currently contributes about 10,000 megawatts of electric power to the U.S. national total each year. But a recent study estimates that if the energy content of all U.S. smokestack waste were recycled, it could replace roughly 30 percent of the electricity produced by burning fossil fuels. Elsewhere the technology is widely used: Russia gets over 30 percent of its electricity from waste-energy recovery, while Denmark gets more than 50 percent.

In "Bridge to a Renewable Energy Future," co-authors Robert Ayres and Ed Ayres explore this underutilized technology and its ability to bridge the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, noting that expanding these technologies is often a boon for the investor's bottom line as well as the environment.

"As atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide also rise-and as public concerns about the global energy dilemma also rise-private investment in the energy transition bridge may shift from tentative to robust," they write. "The key...is that in many cases, such investments can bring the double dividends of both corporate and social benefits, often with a rapid return on investment."

Despite their potential, these proven technologies have been seriously underused to date. And energy recycling is just one of several high-potential strategies that can reduce both fossil-fuel use and carbon emissions during the long transitional period ahead.

"Waste-energy streams aren't a substitute for renewables, of course; the point is we're going to need both. And energy recycling from fossil fuel-burning plants can help us make the transition to renewables much sooner.

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In Morning Activity to Give Some Water

Just short story from me. In a few day ago, I had a new habit every morning. After wake up, go bathroom, pray, and out of home to garden, just had give some water to plant. This activity was happy for me, with take some fresh air, singing, and give the plant water, my mind was fresh too. My some trouble was gone for minutes, and I can think fresh to get a new solution for them. May be you can do this activity too for make new solution about your life, and you can make contribution for global warming case, make air fresh with give some water. So, why you didn't try?

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In Afaganitan War-Zone, US an Efficiency Audit

Original post by climateprogress.org said that
The US Marines Corps ordered the first ever energy audit in a war zone today to try to reduce the enormous fuel costs of keeping troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

General James T Conway, the Marines Corps Commandant, said he wanted a team of energy experts in place in Afghanistan by the end of the month to find ways to cut back on the fuel bills for the 10,000 strong marine contingent.

US marines in Afghanistan run through some 800,000 gallons of fuel a day. That’s a higher burn rate than during an initial invasion, and reflects the logistical challenges of running counter-insurgency and other operations in the extreme weather conditions of Afghanistan….

He said he was looking to his energy auditors to find ways of cutting back energy consumption at operating bases, and also to pare down the equipment carried by each individual marine. An average marine carries about 9lbs of disposable batteries in their kit to power equipment such as night vision goggles and radios.

One immediate target of the auditors is likely to be climate control. Some 448,000 gallons alone are used to keep tents cool in the Afghan summer, where temperatures reach well over 40C, and warm in the winter, said Michael Boyd, an energy adviser to the Marine Corps.

The marines have been exploring ways to reduce that consumption by spraying tents with a foam coating.

“That’s a huge saving and you are no longer putting trucks on those roads, and tanker drivers in harm’s way and everyone else involved on the way,” Boyd said.


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Hurricane in This Century!

My tittle post are adapted from yahoo!green, and you can read in link that I purpose for you, so this short story about that.
from : yahoo.com
With Tropical Storm Guillermo headed toward Hawaii (potentially) in the eastern Pacific and the Atlantic showing the first signs of hurricane-spawning life, the 2009 hurricane season is gearing up.

But what is captivating the public's attention today are two hurricane studies with conclusions that seem to be at odds, continuing the long scientific debate about global warming and other long-term influences on hurricane activity.

The first and most written about study concludes that the Atlantic Ocean is producing more frequent and intense hurricanes than at any time in the past 1,000 years. The study was conducted by the director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, Michael Mann, a prominent hurricane researcher, and colleagues there and at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Hurricane activity 1,000 years ago may have exceeded the levels seen today, but it's been a long long time since humanity dealt with this level of hurricane activity.

The study, which relied on analysis of ocean sediments, seemed to reinforce the view that there are two primary factors that fuel hurricane activity: The cyclic El Nino-La Nino phases in the southern Pacific Ocean (El Nino, a warming pattern, which we're experiencing now, tamps down hurricane activity, while La Nina boosts it) ... and surface ocean temperature. That final factor is at the center of the debate over global warming's effect on hurricane activity, since global warming may increase the surface temperature of ocean water in parts of the Atlantic.

The second study, however, calls into question the apparent increase in recent (past 100-125 years) hurricane activity. In essence: There appear to be more storms because we're able to detect more short-lived tropical storms than we could before we developed satellite technology and other advanced tracking techniques, according to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration study published in the Journal of Climate.


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Great Book about Green

From : ecohuddle.com
This post was found when I surfing in Internet, and I saw that book may be great, and make the many people interest about this book.
This is a short story about that book.
Let David Bach show you a whole new way to prosper—by going greenInternationally renowned financial expert and bestselling author David Bach has always urged readers to put their financial lives in line with their values. But what if your values are a cleaner and greener earth? Most people think that “going green” is an expensive choice they can’t afford. Bach is here to say that you can have both: a life in line with your green values and a million dollars in the bank. Go Green, Live Rich outlines fifty ways to make your life, your home, your shopping, and your finances greener—and get rich trying. From driving the right car to making your home energy smart, Bach offers ways to improve the environment while you spend less, save more, earn more, and pay fewer taxes. Best of all, he shows you exactly how to take advantage of the "green wave" in personal finance without the difficult work of evaluating individual stocks. What's more, he will get you thinking about a green business of your own so you can help the world along as it is changing for the better. David Bach is on a mission to teach the world that you can live a great life by living a green life. With Go Green, Live Rich, you can live in line with your eco-values on the road to financial freedom.

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Go Green From Arab

I found this article from dubaycityguide.com
the article was said about "Go Green Ambassadors Program Goes Global" and whats the point of the article?
Within months of launching the Go Green Ambassador’s Program, Go-Green.ae has received volunteers from over 30 countries in five continents. According to Sharad Agarwal, CEO of Go-Green.ae, “We are delighted by the encouraging response received for the Go Green Ambassadors Initiative. Commercial organisations and educational institutions can now request the services of our Ambassadors to help them realize the importance of Going Green.

The Go Green Ambassadors Program is a Go-Green.ae initiative to try and reach as many people as possible, in local communities across the world to spread the awareness and importance of ’Going Green’. Involvement of volunteers in this initiative provides this program the independence and flexibility needed to tackle some of the most compelling issues of our time. Anyone can register online at www.go-green.ae to become a ‘Go Green Ambassador’ and join the global family of volunteers working together to build a positive and sustainable future

Upon registration, members have access to the following ‘Green Resource Guides’:
Eco Jargon - A handy guide to acquaint members with the green-terminology
Non Green Numbers by Go Green - Some smart statistics and environment number crunchers
10 Practical Ways to Go Green - Easy-to-do steps that one can implement in daily life
How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? - What is Carbon Footprint? Everyone can make a difference
Facts About Global Warming - Some interesting facts that are hard to argue with

About Go-Green.ae
‘Go Green’ web portal was launched in July 2008 to remind people to be mindful of and sensitive to the natural environment in our daily life The main objective of the site is to increase the awareness of environmental issues that affect the future of the planet.

Go-Green.ae features ‘Green Stories’ that demonstrate the steps taken by corporations as part of their commitment to preserve the planet. Global organisations such as Panasonic, Orange, Toshiba, Cisco, Discover, Dell, HSBC, Google, Emirates Airlines, Marriott, Hotels and Resorts Intercontinental Hotels, Grand Hyatt, Zipcar, Nissan and Mazda share their ‘Green Innovations’ online.

Go-Green.ae is updated 24/7 with information relating to news, events, technologies, videos, web resources and success stories in the field of energy conservation, sustainability and environmental protection. The recently launched ‘Green Heroes Program’ gives credit and encouragement to individuals who have contributed in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Go-Green.ae recently won the Alternate Energy Award at ADIPEC, in recognition of its contribution to promoting environmental awareness and also featured on CNN for its coverage on Dubai’s participation in Earth Hour. Go-Green.ae won the Eco Site Award from a US based company that recognizes Green sites that promote Ecology, Health, Safety and the Environment. Go-Green.ae is also ranked second most popular site in the ‘Going Green’ category by GreenTopSites.com.

For more information, contact:
Sharad Agarwal
P.O. Box 53735
United Arab Emirates
Tel: + 9714 331 2627
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoGreenae
Email: gogreen@cyber-gear.com
Website: http://www.go-green.ae
Website: http://www.thinkgreenactgreen.org

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Japan not be better?

This article is not memojokkan for a particular country. Only as a comparison only. Because when I am looking for articles about go green, there is a website said that Japan is not better in emission regulations for the public. Website said that, Japan is not better in terms of managing the emissions from the United States.
However, I do not agree so, all you have done is to make it better. Japan has independence and simplicity better than America, because America is a country that is free akan idealismenya. Therefore, not the time to compare each value will be a shortage and a surplus. because of the effects global warming has been increasing, try to combine a variety of ways.

In my opinion like this, What if the United States, introduced by Japanese culture simplicity. Existing community china in the United States, forming the community and transmit culture. Maybe Japan can also do the same, simple transmit culture.
In my opinion is a form of the above concern will go green, so we stick together overcoming the impact of global warming.

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Abrasion in Indramayu

News from my country Indonesia,
Not the things that need to reminded again, when Global Warming has happened slowly, the impact has been very surprising. Night on 7 August 2009, when I was in the cafe, I was read news online from Indramayu (one of the Indonesia territory).
What happened? Indeed surprising. Has been the occurrence of abrasion coast. In 2004, the peninsula there are still visible, but in 2009 it is not seen again. Peninsula has a long 3600 meters and 1800 meters wide. However, at this time, already covered by sea. This further worsened the situation because people have not care of this problem again.

Sad when I read this. May be, will be lost if the whole community and the government does not immediately prevent this problem. Many ways can be done. According to me, first, there must be donors and assistance from the government budget. Then begin to invite the community to assist in the planting of mangrove around the peninsula. The latter is so caring mangrove can prevent the occurrence of abrasion. I invite readers continue to be concerned with the environment. Hopefully everything will be OK.

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Rest In Peace : Surip Grandpa.

A few days ago, IN my country, We had a bad news, the amazing person, "Mbah" Surip or in english known Surip Grandpa had died. Whats the problem? In television channel said, "mbah" Surip had a heart attack. He had consumed many of cigarette and much of coffee. He had a great songs, that tittle are "tak gendong" and "bangun tidur". That songs is very love in my country, from children until adult people had sing that songs.
Whats profile that he had? "Mbah" Surip was employee in an industrial manufacture. Oil factory in USA. He style was reggae, his hair was very long curly, and he very like laugh, many story about it if you want to know his profile, you can search in google, the keyword like this, "Mbah" Surip. We really love his. "Mbah" Surip God Bless you, Res in Peace!

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Prepare before late

In some days before, I was read a website whos post about impact for global warming, this impact was begun in antarctic continent. In south Pole and North pole. I read, that website says, if the pole, in north and south, was have a damage from global warming impact. It said, the south pole was had lost of 30% and in north pole was had lost of 70%, if no one I read.
To much of speculation and to much think of me. If true, certainly, there are many of island was flooded. Or, I didnt followed of news? I'm sorry, because, I really hard to reach a connection of internet in every day. I just have some days, like 2 or 3 days to have posting in my blog. I must go to wifi area, and this condition make me crazy, hehehe, I'm sorry, I tell you about it.
come back to the...

main topic. We must be aware about this. If pole was molten, wahh,, we must be prepare before late. Mm,, many post of global warming I shown for you, if you have a request of post for me, please comment this article. Because, make mother earth still better have much of way. Like, reforestation, donate for green activity, and many more. So, I hope you participate for this. I wait you,, =)

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Look from Japan Go green

Remember for post an article for daily, I see around for check in more website. I see in japan go green website. I search in google, and I found it.
and, gotha, hehe, Japan, more about thats country habit, and I was read, Japan culture for cars, mm,, like interesting, and I want to write about that in this post.
in Kumamoto City, a ruralish city in Western Japan on the island of Kyushu, I would like to share a few interesting trends the author have noticed (wondering if they ever could or should go to North America)

# Station wagons: In Japan, a lot of new cars being sold are station wagons. Tons of them, in fact. Back in the U.S. I wondered why Toyota was doing something as foolish as bringing the Venza to the North American market when nobody liked station wagons anymore. Clearly the wagon has experienced a resurgence here, and it seems to be Honda leading the way. Perhaps Toyota is trying to head off its rival in the North American market.
# Stick shifts: Yesterday, I caught a ride with someone to take me to the local library since I couldn’t find it and she was driving there already, so she figured she’d show me. Her car was one of Japan’s ubiquitous and boxy little things, which has plenty of room to toss my bike in without any disassembly despite having a smaller footprint than a new Honda Civic, was a stick shift. In Japan you can get even minivans and family runabouts in the stick shift variety.
# Magazines: Just browse the magazine aisle of your local Japanese bookstore. You’ll find all sorts of goodies. Recently, in fact, I saw an entire shelf dedicated to publications on Toyota’s Prius. Ever wondered how to drive a third gen Prius most efficiently? There’s a magazine for that! For the new Insight, too.
# Insight II: Speaking of the Insight, April’s #1 seller in Japan, I have already seen quite a few running around during my cross country cycling trips. Americans may think it looks too much like the Prius, but around here it actually stands out from the pack reasonably. Especially when looking at the prices of Honda’s lineup in Japan.

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I fell more It impact

already 2 days I leave this born city, back when there is a difference in the city where I fight for my future. atmosphere precisely 9 am, still cold, strange. Because cold this cold air is not humid. But the cold wind blow dry. So rough, so it feels little irritate skin when touched. I think a little, whether this might be because of global warming? Because usually at 9 am, the air has begun to warm.
Then, at that time also, I see some of the ornamental plants in the yard around the home, there are some differences. Perhaps the only perasaanku only. But, the color of the leaves start changing, but usually does not wither when damp a few days, but this time, the withered leaves are relatively long, just a nice impact of global warming can be solved immediately.

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How to Increase Visitors to Blog

In internet, we can found many website and blog who post about how can increase visitors of our website. But, from many website I found, they just show about basicly of the tips. Many people can do it too, and many way to increase with join to forum, SEO, or webmaster tool, I just post basicly from me, in my experience, and more in my mind. May be more same with another post, but, this just share, maybe you have difficult way and want to share with me? just comment in this article, keep blogging.
In first rule in my blog was, choose the template of your blog with the same of your theme of blog. This tips I found after I bloggywalking in some blog. They choose their template with same of their tittle or theme of their blog. But, any minus if you just focus in this tips. What is it? in my argue, if you just focus choose your new template, you can get less of time for post an article in same time. So, choose your new template easily, OK?
Second, you must post an article as welcome article, in blogger, you can insert a page element and choose insert a text, and make your welcome article, the content can be your profile, or argue why do you choose the title for your blog.
Third, post your blog daily, if you cant online everyday, you can use the schedule mode. In blogger, you can enter in draft blogger (you can search in google). Or, you post must be new in three time of the week. You can search new topic in google, copy and paste, but you must shown how you can get that article, from where, (ex: from google.com) but, my tips, you must originally post.
The last, keep blogging, promote your blog and give extra application to your blog, so, keep blogging, and have a great day for me :)

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First Income from Google for Keep Save Mother Earth

Short story by me,
Indeed a good beginning to start with a new spirit. When deciding to start a new hobby that is becoming a blogger, I decided the theme GOGREEN, with reason, many people who are not aware of the importance of keeping the earth from the impact of global warming. However, I also become a member by reason google adsense to be able to use money from the income to buy some plants of course, to be placed on the home page, as a form of participation on the reduction of the impact of global warming. And in fact, prayer and my business terkabul. With revenue of $ 0.04 first I really very happy, thanks to the parties concerned have to blog, and my progress.

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My new Spirit from my teacher in Senior High School

story about me
long enough that is precisely on 29 July 2009, when I'm with a friend to accompany to hospital treatment. The hospital is named Pupuk Kaltim. At that time he was waiting in the waiting room to get a deal by consulting a doctor is in the task. our fun chat, and while fun chat, I see a teacher at my high school to come and wait in the waiting room with me.
After my friend finished checked and to get a prescription to a pharmacy, and finally I go to my friend in the hospital pharmacies are. Talking each other while we were waiting for the medicine I was given in the pharmacy waiting room.

some time later, my first teacher was also into the waiting room of the pharmacy with me. His name Mr Gatot. He was a mathematics teacher who taught me at the school first. We also do talking, and finally we chitchat with her. he told us about the school. that many teachers who teach in another school another move, I am very concerned about, but I explained that I learn the program is pure science program physics. he was surprised, and said that I probably will be the instructor in a university. but I explain that again, I am more interested in becoming a teacher in my school first. and the more surprised he said, "so you can work my friend later, hahaha," I was laughing. it is a beautiful day, I was encouraged to get the spirit even though only a small course, but I truly grateful with it.

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Caution 75 Percent Es South Pole Already Lost !

Impact of global warming was so close with us, this article I was read so shock for me, but, I want shoe you because this article was caution for us.

WEELINGTON, KOMPAS.com - Some New Zealand scientists have warned that the South Pole melt faster than expected.

Professor Peter Barrett of the Antarctic Research Center, Victoria University, said the amount of ice lost reach 75 percent since 1996, and grow quickly.

The loss of glacier at the end of the South Pole lead to increase in surface sea water 0.4 Mm per year, he added, such as Xinhua news agency reported.

"The loss of global ice from Greenland, Antarctica and other glacier indicate the surface of sea water will rise between 80 centimeters and 2 meters up to 2100," Barett said.

Research center director Professor Tim Naish, who led a team of researchers to drill away at the rock in the South Pole and found a note from the ancient past that the CO2 level reaches the atmosphere now.

They found, 3 million to 5 million years ago, the surface sea water warm enough to melt many parts of the South Pole ice when CO2 atmosphere is only slightly higher than today's conditions.

Naish said ice in the western part of the Antarctic will melt before the ice layer is greater in the eastern South Pole because the ice under the surface of the sea water and menghangat with the ocean water.

However, he said the research questions that are missed on how much CO2 the atmosphere necessary to achieve the temperature rise to 2 degrees celsius or more.

CO2 conditions in the current atmosphere of 387 parts per million, up from as many as 280 parts per million at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

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"Global Warming" Has Been Friction Rainy Season

In my promise, I will show you about impact of global warming, tis article was read in kompas.com, and I crop for show you this information.

Luwuk, KOMPAS.com - The intensity of the rainy season in the Banggai Kabupaten, Central Sulawesi, shifted from the cycle 20 years, so has the activity of the farmers, fishermen, community groups and other local businesses which depend the weather conditions.

Shift occurred since 2005 and shifting furthest progress in the year ago in 2008.

Jasirin, Head Meteorological Station Luwuk (the capital of Banggai regency), explains, the peak rainfall in the area for 20 years before 2005, always occurs between the months March to May.

However, after that, only the peak rainfall occurs in May for 24 days with the intensity curahnya reaching 188 millimeter.

Even extreme shift occurred in the year 2008, in which peak rainfall occurs in July for 27 days with a rainfall amount of 466 millimeter, so that was great cause flooding everywhere.

Jasirin estimate, shifting the peak of rainfall is due to the influence of global warming is encouraging the change of climate and weather that is not stabilized.

"Shift cycle that we have rain predicted earlier, following a high level of local rainfall in Banggai regency during the last four years and is a recent phenomenon," he said.

According to him, the emergence of local rainfall with high intensity is also much influenced by the destruction of forest area and green areas in urban areas in large numbers, factors other than high air pollution.

"The problems that then cause the power to support the environment becomes low, so that vulnerable bring floods, landslides, to a gale," he said.

That, due to the impact of global warming has been on the schedule of farmers planting, fishing activity, motor-boat cruises, flights and activities in the area.

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The World's Hot, Size Animals be Litter

I will crop three articles from kompas.com before I write original post for this blog, because this article was relation to global warming.

KOMPAS.com - Changes in climate that impact on a number of species in various parts of the world, ranging from polar bears in the arctic to the coral reefs in tropical seas.

Two ecological changes noted are a few species-animal or plant-altitude move also find a degree of latitude the appropriate temperature. Other changes, namely the cycle of life has changed a number of species and spring migration and the birds have shifted the time.

Now there are three changes, namely the increase in temperature accompanied with the earth mengecilnya size-organisms the size of both the community and the size of the individual.

This is expressed by the research team leader Martin Daufresne of Cemagref Aix-en-Provence, research institutions belonging to the Government of France. Results of this study will be published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Long-term research conducted in the community, including bacteria, fitoplankton and fish that live in rivers, lakes, and oceans. According Daufresne, groups of fish in the rivers in France decreased in number more than 60 percent in research for two decades

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Original Solution From Me to Keep Save Mother Earth.

this day, I think that there are, about how the correct solution, to reduce the impact of global warming. However, all of which have solutions, I think one thing. what is that?
this is trivial compared to the various solutions available, from creating the invention of new, used waste recycling, reduction of carbon emissions, to the prevention of the occurrence of forest damage. The solution that I do not think like that.
A social attitude that we give to the children to grow flowers. That's who I be concerned. that teaches children to be able to have a new habit of keeping the mother earth.

Habits such as this teach us that children do not have a wasteful attitude to energy. for example only, in order to remove the waste in place and often advise not to purchase snacks that do not waste a lot more. And replace it with the food cooked by mother. such as turning off the lights and then not used or if the plenty of water.
this is very good if taught and kept on our children, so that in future, they can become a man concerned with the environment and they can create new Technology to keep the mother earth. I hope my suggestions can be accepted. thanks.

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Just What Is a Greenhouse Gas, Anyhow?

They're in the news almost as much as Brad and Angelina, and you know they have something to do with global warming. But what exactly is a greenhouse gas? In a nutshell, they're gases in the atmosphere—both naturally occurring and caused by humans—that absorb and emit radiation.

Ultraviolet radiation and sunlight hit the Earth and its atmosphere. Most of this is reflected back into outer space, thanks to the ozone layer, clouds, and ice on the Earth's surface. Approximately 25 percent is absorbed by the planet, and is then re-emitted as infrared radiation. Some of this re-emitted radiation is absorbed by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, exciting the molecules and causing them to emit the radiation back to the planet again, as heat.

The more of these gas molecules there are in the atmosphere, the more infrared radiation can be absorbed and sent back to the Earth's surface. Increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the air will result in an increase of infrared radiation being trapped and re-emitted.

The greenhouse gases that we have the widest understanding about are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs, used for aerosols). CO2 currently contributes the most to the greenhouse effect – the amount of radiation being trapped and re-emitted by greenhouse gases – but the other gases combined will soon be as important to the greenhouse effect as CO2.

These gases are increasing in concentration in the atmosphere, and they have higher rates of absorption of infrared radiation. CFCs, for instance, can absorb 20,000 times as much heat as CO2. However, international decisions to curb CFC emissions have helped stabilize CFC levels in the air.

Greenhouse gases are not, inherently, a bad thing. In fact, they help make this planet livable. Without them, the average temperature of the Earth's surface would be slightly less than 0 degrees Fahrenheit! With the greenhouse effect, the average surface temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit. But the growing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has the power to raise the average temperature.

from : yahoo!green

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How much rainforest fits in a coffee cup?

Just for information, I know this post didnt have an ralation fo global warming, but just to inform you about price of coffee... so check this out.
From : yahoo.com
How much rainforest can one cup of coffee help preserve? For those who buy coffee grown in the traditional manner, under the shade of rainforest trees, the answer is roughly 2.3 square feet per cup.

It would be zero for many coffee drinkers because much of the coffee that people drink is not shade-grown coffee; most plantation owners remove native trees and forest to grow coffee.

As outlined by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's groundbreaking publication in 1996 Coffee, Conservation & Commerce in the Western Hemisphere there are many types of coffee farms throughout the coffee-growing regions, and the best type for wildlife and preservation of trees is the traditional natural grown rustic coffee farm.

The major shift in farming methods appears to have happened in the 1970s when farmers began to modernize with chemicals that eliminated diseases that formed on sun-exposed coffee trees.

As this practice became more and more popular, farms began removing the native shade trees to allow for more coffee trees. The sun coffee fields or technified coffee allowed the farmers to maximize yield and the speed at which they could harvest, but greatly damaged this ecosystem.

The Arbor Day Foundation is a purveyor of coffee that is grown in the rustic or traditional form. We believe strongly in supporting these farmers because they are preserving trees in some of the most critical areas in the world.

A few years ago we wanted to look into the impact that a single 10-ounce bag of coffee had on the forest. Whereas a sun plantation has no trees, the rustic coffee farm has multiple layers of forest. On our farm, it takes about 65 square feet of rain forest to produce one roasted 10-ounce bag of shade-grown, organic fair trade coffee ($6.95).
sun coffee fields farm
(Photo: Arbor Day Foundation)

How much rainforest does one cup of shade-grown coffee protect?

Each co-op or farm is going to be different. The Arbor Day Foundation used numbers from the co-op that it works with in Chiapas, Mexico.

* Acres of co-op farm: 617
* Containers of coffee produced: 8
* Burlap bags of coffee: 2,000 (250 bags per container)
* Pounds per burlap bag: 152.117
* Pounds of green coffee (total): 304,234
* Pounds of roasted coffee (total): 258,598.9 (approx. 85% of green coffee weight)
* Ounces of roasted coffee: 4,137,582.4 (16 ounces per pound)
* No. 10-ounce coffee bags: 413,758.24
* Acres per bag: 0.0014912
* Square feet per bag: 64.956 (43,560 square feet per acre)
* Square feet per cup: 2.338 (approx 0.36 oz per cup)

more information, you can go this link http://green.yahoo.com/blog/daily_green_news/113/how-much-rainforest-fits-in-a-coffee-cup.html

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‘Once-in-a-century’ Texas Drought Stunting Crops; Drought Twice as Likely to Lead to Mental Health Problems

‘Once-in-a-century’ drought sending campers indoors and stunting crops

North Texas has had average rainfall this year, and three “cool” days this week felt like Christmas in July. But don’t tell your friends in Central and South Texas, because they are feeling hot, parched and bothered. A “once-in-a-century” drought is baking a big swath of Texas, says John Nielsen-Gammon, state climatologist and a professor at Texas A&M University. The drought is “zeroing out” crops and forcing ranchers to liquidate their herds….

The river is flowing at 10 cubic feet per second, Lyons said Wednesday. “Normal for this time of the year is 100 to 200 cfs,” he said. “We used to think 100 was low, but the last two years have changed our perspective.”

People are comparing the conditions to the epic drought of the 1950s, he said. “It’s been so dry it’s even killing cedar trees, so you know it’s dry.”

Drought twice as likely to lead to mental health problems

If you live in a drought-affected area, you’re twice as likely to suffer a mental health problem, according to a new study.

The details of the study are here [big PDF]. Here’s another story on it:

The long, long dry: less drink, more drugs

Australia’s extended drought is having a severe impact on the mental health of farmers and their partners — but they are not turning to alcohol to drown their sorrows. A new study shows that men and women in drought-affected areas are drinking less alcohol than those in areas unaffected by the long dry spell. But they are much more likely to be swallowing antidepressants. “People might think drought is part of life in Australia and that farmers become resilient, but this sustained drought is having a severe impact on farmers’ mental health,” said Matthew Gray, deputy director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, and a co-author of the study. The 2007 survey was based on a sample of 8000 people in regional and rural Australia, 60 per cent of whom were in drought-affected areas. It reveals that 17 per cent of farmers in these areas were suffering from mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, compared with 8 per cent of farmers in non-drought areas.

In fact, site climateprogress.org was proffesional, so may be in next time, many information can insipire me to keep save or mother earth.

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The Olive Groves of Balmy England; Recent Vets Find Work Retooling America For Energy Independence

This post I crop from climateprogress.org, because in that site, many readers read article from here, so, may be can inform you more, or you can go to the site.

Ah, the olive groves of balmy England

Subtropical crops such as dates, figs and rice could become staples of British agriculture within 20 years, according to government forecasts.

The assessment, produced by officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), outlines future possibilities for British food production based on recent climate data.

The forecasts highlight some of the unexpected benefits of a warmer climate. It means the British diet will in future be able to include produce currently imported from as far away as China and the Philippines, without incurring massive food miles.

However, some existing crops such as potatoes will struggle, as temperatures are predicted to rise by about 2C within 20 years.

Retooling for the next mission

Some vets think their war was for oil. Now they’re working to help us use less.

…”Reducing dependence on foreign oil seemed like a solution to better national security,” said Reppenhagen. He heard about Veterans Green Jobs, and told Curry. Curry was already a committed environmentalist, a vegetarian who refused to own a car and opted out of consumer culture as much as possible. But it wasn’t just the green-resource side of the jobs program that appealed to the two; it was the people side. “A good, meaningful job, and camaraderie and support are what a lot of veterans need,” said Reppenhagen. And they need it as soon as they leave the military, before substance abuse and depression have a chance to set in.

Healthcare delay may complicate U.S. climate debate

The U.S. Senate’s failure to hold to its early August deadline to pass a major healthcare bill could complicate another of President Barack Obama’s top policy priorities: the fight against climate change.

Already facing a crowded autumn schedule, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said debate on legislation to expand healthcare to the uninsured will have to wait until September, as the Democratic-controlled Congress and the White House work to overcome roadblocks.

Climate change legislation is not expected to be considered on the Senate floor until October, and a spokesman for Reid reiterated that timetable still holds.

But many of the leading senators will likely be preoccupied longer on healthcare reform, which could complicate Obama’s efforts to get legislation passed just as the world prepares for a December summit in Copenhagen on global warming.

China-US Climate Duet

Without active collaboration between the United States and China, not only will the odds for successful negotiations in Copenhagen this December to secure a successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol be diminished, but it will be unlikely that any meaningful remedy will be found in time to arrest rising global temperatures.

Yet talks between the U.S. and China on climate change currently present two contrasting scenarios, one hopeful, the other discouraging.

Drought takes toll on Iraq revival efforts

What was known as history’s fertile crescent, where lush farmland and abundant water gave rise to civilization, is today a dusty desert where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers crawl sluggishly toward the sea.

Vast tracts of Iraqi farmland are cracked and barren, precious marshes have dried up and sandstorms blot out the sun.

Even “Saddam River,” the flagship drainage system Saddam Hussein launched in the 1980s to restore Iraq to its ancient agriculture glory, has turned into a sickly green stream flowing far below its high-water mark.

Such are the symptoms of a worsening water shortage that threatens to undermine Iraq’s efforts to rebuild its economy after six years of war unleashed by the 2003 invasion.

Box Stores Target Lighting Inefficiencies

American retailers looking to save energy are aiming high — just below the roof rafters. That’s where a small revolution is underway to replace 70-year-old magnetic-ballast lighting technology with efficient electronic circuitry. By using electronic ballasts — the transformers that regulate the current and voltage needed to operate the lamps — and a software-based energy management system, Wal-Mart, Publix and other retailers say they can typically cut a store’s lighting costs in half.

Rainfall to decrease over Iberian Peninsula

Have there been any changes to the monthly contributions to total annual precipitation within the Mediterranean basin? Researchers from the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (CSIC) have assessed the changes observed in rainfall patterns since 1950, and are predicting contributions to be lower by the middle of the 21st Century, against a backdrop of increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

“We have used the data reported (1950-2006) and simulated various climate models (2040-2060) to look at whether the monthly contribution to the annual total has changed over recent decades, and whether such changes are likely to happen over the medium term”, Juan Ignacio L√≥pez-Moreno, lead author of the study, tells SINC.

Details emerge on Calif. plan to end 40-year moratorium

California lawmakers are expected to vote on a budget bill late today that would authorize the first new offshore drilling in the state since 1969.

The offshore-drilling proposal embedded in a budget pact crafted by leaders in Sacramento would override a state commission that voted recently to block drilling. The agreement also assumes $100 million in immediate revenue from an oil-services company that would run its lease through existing platforms operating in federal waters.

Even Healthy Lungs Labor At Acceptable Ozone Levels

Ozone exposure, even at levels deemed safe by current clean air standards, can have a significant and negative effect on lung function, according to researchers at the University of California Davis.

“The National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for ozone was recently revised to set lower limits for ozone concentrations. Our research indicates that the threshold for decrements in ozone-induced lung function in healthy young subjects is below this standard,” said Edward Schelegle, Ph.D., of the University of California Davis. “Specifically, we found that 6.6 hours exposure to mean ozone concentrations as low as 70 parts per billion have a significant negative effect on lung function, even though the current NAAQS standards allow ozone concentrations to be up to 75 parts per billion (ppb) over an eight-hour period.”

Scripps-led study shows ocean health plays vital role in coral reef recovery

A new study shows that bleached corals bounce back to normal growth rates more quickly when they have clean water and plentiful sea life at their side

The new research study led by scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego suggests that by improving overall ocean health, corals are better able to recover from bleaching events, which occur when rising sea temperatures force corals to expel their symbiotic algae, known as zooxanthellae. Coral bleaching is a phenomenon that is expected to increase in frequency as global climate change increases ocean temperatures worldwide.

Fighting climate change the key to ending poverty

…What’s more, climate change will have a disproportionate impact on the poor in developing countries, even though they have done the least to cause it, are the least prepared to deal with it and will suffer the soonest and the most from it.

Because poverty reduction and climate change are intricately linked as development issues, the World Bank is tackling these issues head on. More than 60 years of worldwide experience has shown that the best way to reduce poverty is through an inclusive and sustainable globalization. Sustainable development, however, cannot take place without access to energy. Factories and businesses cannot function efficiently; hospitals and schools cannot operate fully or safely; basic services that people in rich countries take for granted — such as power for household lighting, so that children can read or do homework in the evening — cannot be provided without efficient, affordable and reliable energy.

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My Town, was flood!?

On 21 July 2009, in the Bontang city , my town in 2 hours on the afternoon of heavy rain occurred. Rain occurred up to 2 hours and then subside shortly and approximately 4 hours afternoon, rain began to happen again. And now the rain is almost 3 hours going back. Really heavy rain this river near the house wreak.
Actually this happens rarely. However, evidence from the rapidly changing weather is a form of the impact of global warming. because the area is in the Kotaku perlintasan the equator, making it difficult predicted when the rainy season and when the dry season, but first, can still be predicted. At this time, even a disaster can come at any time. Truly ironic.
Urge to my readers to always consider the environment. From the most simple environment to become observers. Hopefully the impact of global warming can still be in the ban.

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