Wellcome to the two!

Wellcome to the two...!
This Blog was build because the owner fells apprehensive about the mother earth condition. Many disaster was did because human did. Global warming, tsunami, flood, and many more. This blog will be share to you about the mind owner and many news for give you ore information how do reduce the impact of human did like global warming. I hope, I can give you much information. So, enjoy it!

How to Increase Visitors to Blog

In internet, we can found many website and blog who post about how can increase visitors of our website. But, from many website I found, they just show about basicly of the tips. Many people can do it too, and many way to increase with join to forum, SEO, or webmaster tool, I just post basicly from me, in my experience, and more in my mind. May be more same with another post, but, this just share, maybe you have difficult way and want to share with me? just comment in this article, keep blogging.
In first rule in my blog was, choose the template of your blog with the same of your theme of blog. This tips I found after I bloggywalking in some blog. They choose their template with same of their tittle or theme of their blog. But, any minus if you just focus in this tips. What is it? in my argue, if you just focus choose your new template, you can get less of time for post an article in same time. So, choose your new template easily, OK?
Second, you must post an article as welcome article, in blogger, you can insert a page element and choose insert a text, and make your welcome article, the content can be your profile, or argue why do you choose the title for your blog.
Third, post your blog daily, if you cant online everyday, you can use the schedule mode. In blogger, you can enter in draft blogger (you can search in google). Or, you post must be new in three time of the week. You can search new topic in google, copy and paste, but you must shown how you can get that article, from where, (ex: from google.com) but, my tips, you must originally post.
The last, keep blogging, promote your blog and give extra application to your blog, so, keep blogging, and have a great day for me :)

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