Wellcome to the two!

Wellcome to the two...!
This Blog was build because the owner fells apprehensive about the mother earth condition. Many disaster was did because human did. Global warming, tsunami, flood, and many more. This blog will be share to you about the mind owner and many news for give you ore information how do reduce the impact of human did like global warming. I hope, I can give you much information. So, enjoy it!

Look from Japan Go green

Remember for post an article for daily, I see around for check in more website. I see in japan go green website. I search in google, and I found it.
and, gotha, hehe, Japan, more about thats country habit, and I was read, Japan culture for cars, mm,, like interesting, and I want to write about that in this post.
in Kumamoto City, a ruralish city in Western Japan on the island of Kyushu, I would like to share a few interesting trends the author have noticed (wondering if they ever could or should go to North America)

# Station wagons: In Japan, a lot of new cars being sold are station wagons. Tons of them, in fact. Back in the U.S. I wondered why Toyota was doing something as foolish as bringing the Venza to the North American market when nobody liked station wagons anymore. Clearly the wagon has experienced a resurgence here, and it seems to be Honda leading the way. Perhaps Toyota is trying to head off its rival in the North American market.
# Stick shifts: Yesterday, I caught a ride with someone to take me to the local library since I couldn’t find it and she was driving there already, so she figured she’d show me. Her car was one of Japan’s ubiquitous and boxy little things, which has plenty of room to toss my bike in without any disassembly despite having a smaller footprint than a new Honda Civic, was a stick shift. In Japan you can get even minivans and family runabouts in the stick shift variety.
# Magazines: Just browse the magazine aisle of your local Japanese bookstore. You’ll find all sorts of goodies. Recently, in fact, I saw an entire shelf dedicated to publications on Toyota’s Prius. Ever wondered how to drive a third gen Prius most efficiently? There’s a magazine for that! For the new Insight, too.
# Insight II: Speaking of the Insight, April’s #1 seller in Japan, I have already seen quite a few running around during my cross country cycling trips. Americans may think it looks too much like the Prius, but around here it actually stands out from the pack reasonably. Especially when looking at the prices of Honda’s lineup in Japan.

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