Wellcome to the two!

Wellcome to the two...!
This Blog was build because the owner fells apprehensive about the mother earth condition. Many disaster was did because human did. Global warming, tsunami, flood, and many more. This blog will be share to you about the mind owner and many news for give you ore information how do reduce the impact of human did like global warming. I hope, I can give you much information. So, enjoy it!

My new Spirit from my teacher in Senior High School

story about me
long enough that is precisely on 29 July 2009, when I'm with a friend to accompany to hospital treatment. The hospital is named Pupuk Kaltim. At that time he was waiting in the waiting room to get a deal by consulting a doctor is in the task. our fun chat, and while fun chat, I see a teacher at my high school to come and wait in the waiting room with me.
After my friend finished checked and to get a prescription to a pharmacy, and finally I go to my friend in the hospital pharmacies are. Talking each other while we were waiting for the medicine I was given in the pharmacy waiting room.

some time later, my first teacher was also into the waiting room of the pharmacy with me. His name Mr Gatot. He was a mathematics teacher who taught me at the school first. We also do talking, and finally we chitchat with her. he told us about the school. that many teachers who teach in another school another move, I am very concerned about, but I explained that I learn the program is pure science program physics. he was surprised, and said that I probably will be the instructor in a university. but I explain that again, I am more interested in becoming a teacher in my school first. and the more surprised he said, "so you can work my friend later, hahaha," I was laughing. it is a beautiful day, I was encouraged to get the spirit even though only a small course, but I truly grateful with it.

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