Wellcome to the two!

Wellcome to the two...!
This Blog was build because the owner fells apprehensive about the mother earth condition. Many disaster was did because human did. Global warming, tsunami, flood, and many more. This blog will be share to you about the mind owner and many news for give you ore information how do reduce the impact of human did like global warming. I hope, I can give you much information. So, enjoy it!

Abrasion in Indramayu

News from my country Indonesia,
Not the things that need to reminded again, when Global Warming has happened slowly, the impact has been very surprising. Night on 7 August 2009, when I was in the cafe, I was read news online from Indramayu (one of the Indonesia territory).
What happened? Indeed surprising. Has been the occurrence of abrasion coast. In 2004, the peninsula there are still visible, but in 2009 it is not seen again. Peninsula has a long 3600 meters and 1800 meters wide. However, at this time, already covered by sea. This further worsened the situation because people have not care of this problem again.

Sad when I read this. May be, will be lost if the whole community and the government does not immediately prevent this problem. Many ways can be done. According to me, first, there must be donors and assistance from the government budget. Then begin to invite the community to assist in the planting of mangrove around the peninsula. The latter is so caring mangrove can prevent the occurrence of abrasion. I invite readers continue to be concerned with the environment. Hopefully everything will be OK.

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