Wellcome to the two!

Wellcome to the two...!
This Blog was build because the owner fells apprehensive about the mother earth condition. Many disaster was did because human did. Global warming, tsunami, flood, and many more. This blog will be share to you about the mind owner and many news for give you ore information how do reduce the impact of human did like global warming. I hope, I can give you much information. So, enjoy it!

Cheap, Health, And Interesting by Bicycle

July 14th, in the afternoon, precisely at 5 P.M in my time, I just to out side from my home. To see how the scenery. But, not in walking, I rode a bicycle. That is the topic in this post.
In, gogreen activity, we had recomended for useless a transportation that use gasoline and etc. Why? Because can be impact bad for mother earth. But, not many solution can be do. Many activis just speak, or they have a solution, but too expensive, and must have help from some investor. that was a problem right?
But, in simplicity, we can have a new habit for reaction about global warming that happend. This tips, after I hang out by bicycle. Yups, that tips was road a bicycle. Thats simple? oh, sure, but you must adapt for this. Just for healthy, you now, after work, you can hang out by bicycle, with your friends, family, or alone? I hope with tou ride by bicycle, you can have a new experience.
To know how much one bicycle, you can go to shop that sell bicycle, or you can search in search engine, like google and yahoo. This activity can make you health, less impact for global warming, and, cheap for relax after your schedule than you go to relax place with a motor transportation. So, you must try this.

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